Asus p8z77-v le can't set cpu ratio help?

I'm a beginner at overclocking, and I just got an asus p8z77-v le motherboard with an i5-3570k processor. I've been trying to overclock my processor manually via the BIOS to no avail. The bios simply won't let me do anything about the CPU ratio. And I've been digging through the different menus and submenus. The setting that is supposed to give me access to the ratio settings for the cpu is on auto, and I can't access it. I've been reading other threads and forums about this all evening, but nothing I do will let me set the ratio manually. I'm getting kinda desperate here, so any help at all would be hugely appreciated.
My BIOS-version is 0316, if that helps at all.

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  1. If you change Ai Overclock Tuner to "Manual" you should be able change anything and everything.
  2. Unfortunately that won't let me do changes to the cpu ratio. Tried it multiple times. I'm starting to wonder if I have a faulty MB or something, since some posts would have you believe it's incredibly simple, yet I've yet to find a way to actually be able to manipulate the ratio setting. It just keeps saying "auto", and no matter how much I press enter, it won't let me change it.
  3. Have you tried updating the BIOS? The newest is 0605.
  4. Yeah, I just flashed the BIOS. Was going to edit that into the last post but the forum wouldn't let me. Anyway, it changed nothing :(.
  5. Hmm. Damn, I'm kinda stumped myself, now.

    Well, can you change the "main" multiplier? AI Tweaker -> CPU Power Management -> "CPU Ratio"

    Oh, and I just thought of this too. You need to use the + or - keys on the keypad to change the multipliers, by the way (either the Turbo multipliers OR the "main" multiplier).
  6. I'm going to feel so stupid if that works. Going to try it out, be right back.

    Thanks for the supports btw, much appreciated :).
  7. Yeah, I now feel officially stupid. It worked like a charm. That's what you get for not reading properly. Thanks so much my friend, now I can enjoy my beer instead of sulking with it :D.
  8. Haha, we all have our "stupid" moments, so don't feel too bad. And you're welcome. :)
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