Can i use two internet connections in one router

i want to know about internet routers can i use two internet connections in one router
if it is possible plz tell me i am sick tired of this mess about internet connections
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  1. you're going to need a router for each connection. Why do you have two connections?
  2. There are NAT router that can do this and load balance and failover also.
  3. My router has one ADSL connection, however we run 3-4 different internet service connections at the same time...not sure if I understand the question/
  4. Well, you could get yourself something like this:

    Trusted Reviews: Draytek Vigor2820n Wireless ADSL2/2+ Firewall Router but note that the second WAN socket requires that you have an ADSL modem actually maintaining the connection.

    It does also allow a USB data stick to be connected to supplement the connection too.

    I think this is the nearest you'll get to what (I think) you're trying to do. If you insist on two modems built into one box, I think you'll be looking for a long time, as that's not something I've ever seen.

    "Supports two broadband connections, in either a load-balancing or fail-over configuration"
  6. Im assuming you want to tie in two connections to either boost your speed or have one connection in case the other fails. either way you cannot do this with ordinary routers because they only have one WAN link. to do this you need a 2xWAN link to use load balancing or failover. DUAL WAN GIGABIT SSL VPN FIREWALL
    FVS336G is a good choice because it supports many types of connections. although if you want a router with two WAN links its going to cost more. the one i mentioned above is a great choice and it costs 300$
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