760G Northbridge a little hot? OC suggestions?

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Okay, so the deal with the overclock is that, I noticed my timings were way off with this dumb ol' Gigabyte Motherboard, so I searched around and found a guy who had gotten his timings right with a FSB 250x14 and forcing the DDR2 to 2.1V.

Cool'n'Quiet is disabled, hardware thermal control is enabled, with CPU fan set to auto.

However, after looking for something to monitor temperatures, I noticed one temperature "TMPIN2" seemed rather high as it was almost double everything else in the readings...

After Googling a bit I realized that not a lot of Motherboards are able to deliver an accurate temperature rating and the monitoring chip is right below, meaning the actual temp is probably higher? However, it's allowed to reach 105c, apparently based on a forum posting I had found.

Still though it seems kind of high to me? I dunno... should I underclock it a bit to insure it's not being affected negatively from this overclocked setup?

I know that software temps are unreliable and I only know what I have read which has only been about a year of messing with custom builts and a decade of web designing... so, not a huge hardware guy by any means. Someone would be able to tell me if all is well or if things could be tweaked a bit? Lemme know if you need anymore data at all.

Edit: Changed the title from 780G to 760G after looking at my MB manual and realizing that's what it is...
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  1. Okay, so I went ahead and changed my BIOS down to default F4.
    I disabled IDE controller and onboard graphics.

    Locked PCI Express to 100MHz.

    Reset FSB to 250.
    Kept AUTO default RAM multiplier at 4.00 (1000MHz).
    -> Then adjusted RAM voltage to +0.300V = 2.1V (recommended)

    Here are the results now:

    Should I adjust the CPU Voltage up to 1.425V?

    The tRC is supposed to be 26 by recommendation, dunno if that really effects anything as all the other timings are correct.

    The FSB : DRAM ratio looks as though it could be improved, somehow..?

    Should I up the ante on the FSB a bit? Or lower the CPU multiplier and get the RAM closer to the 1066MHz? Or is it even worth it?

    Oh yeah, this might help... here's the hardware monitor screen after booting.

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