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Hello, I have a HP Slimeline s3200z. It is a great computer, but it lacks the graphics capacity that I need. I have read other threads and bought a low profile graphics card. I bought the Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 Low Profile Video Card ( And to power it I bought this external power supply, the FSP Group Booster X5 450W Power Supply ( problem is, is that due to the lack of space in the HP slimeline, how I would get these two to work in order for me to have my graphics card work properly. I understand that I need to somehow connect the external PS to the current PS but there are none extra for me to use, and the external PS did not come with one. Would I need some sort of adapter?

Also, to connect the external PS to my graphics card I took out the HP Pocket Media Drive Bay since I never use it and probably never will, so now it works as a slot to connect cords in and out of my computer. Any assistance would be appreciated because I'm starting to get tired of constantly opening and closing my computer in disappointment. Thank you for your help and I'll be looking forward to getting a response. ;)

~ Daryn25
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  1. Please, any information would be helpful regarding my situation.
  2. That PSU is supposed to go in a 5.25" drive bay so I hope you have one free. It does not actually connect to the main PSU.
  3. And If i don't have a 5.25 drive bay, what would I do? Get a different external PS?
  4. Hmm. In theory you could leave it outside the case and have the 6-pin cable go in the back through an empty slot. That would be awkward but it would work I suppose. The included cables look too short however so you would need an extension;
  5. So that card connects the external PSU to the graphics card correct? Because If so it can already connect to the graphics card. My problem is needing a cable to connect the external PSU to the power supply in my computer, I believe.
  6. Hmm. Looking at the picks on newegg it looks like it has a spot to plug in a 4 pin molex from the PSU. It probably just uses it as a signal to turn on. Your PSU should have several. They plug into IDE cd drives/hard drives/ect. If you have one free but it isn't long enough then you will need an extension cable for it. If they are all in use then you will need a splitter.
  7. Alright, what kind of splitter would i need exactly (preferably newegg link if you can or something) and how does it work exactly?
  8. so would I say, connect the splitter to the psu cable attached to the ram and then connect the other remaining end to the external psu?
  9. Ram should not have a power cable. 4-pin molex cables power IDE cd/hard drives as I said earlier.
  10. Okay, so would connect the splitter to a cord attached to the hard drive and then use the other cord to attach to the external PSU. Are there any extensions for this cord so that it will reach the psu?
  11. I'm not seeing any on newegg. Here's one elsewhere though;
    Or just search for "molex extension" on google, you should find plenty.
  12. These cables could also be available at Radioshack or the like. Just call first and ask.
  13. Alright, thank you so much for your help, I hope I didn't cause too much trouble. But just to be sure, is the slimeline psu cables 4 pin? because i think i read somewhere they are a different pin and that i might need like a converter / adapter or something of the kind. I can always open up the computer and check, but i didnt know if you had any knowledge of it so that i dont have to go through the hassle of opening it up.
  14. I really doubt it. The molex connector is a standard, every PSU has them. You should definitely open it up and look though. There's a good chance there's one that isn't in use and then you don't need a splitter.
  15. Well thank you very much. I'll get back to you later once I open up the computer again. Thanks again for your assistance ;)
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