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would this motherboard:

be compatable with an AMD athlon II AM3 triple core cpu?

The specs on it says its compatable with "athlon" processors X3 and X4, but would that include Athlon II as well or no?

And if not, could anyone suggest an ATX mobo that supports that cpu and DDR2? preferably one for a reasonable price. I plan to game, but not anything really intensive, along the lines of LoL.
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  1. Based on the CPU supported list and reviewing the info on the latest BIOS, I would say it isn't supported. I would recommend contacting BIOSTAR and request additional feedback.

    Can you provide a budget and possible stores to purchase from? This will help with the recommendation.
  2. OP here. My budget i would say is around 80 but preferably less. I was looking at a nicely reviewed asrock mobo from newegg but as soon as i was able to buy it...they sold out lol. I could go over but i would like to build this asap before school starts as i still have to buy a psu (college budget retail job here lol).
  3. Hi.

    That the specs says "Compatible" with Athlon II doesn't mean that support all the Athlon II series, like tecmo34 did u need check the CPU support list of the mobo to know what specific CPUs are supported.

    Now, if the CPU isn't in the list usually is because isn't supported by the mobo even with a BIOS update.
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