Core i3-350m vs core 2 duo t6600

which one better is core 13-350m with 2gb ddr3 sdram or core 2 duo t6600 with 4gb ddr3 sdram?
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  1. -links to computers and/or more details
    -uses for the computers/ what you expect to be able to do
    -is price a factor?
    -anything else you can give us that would benefit you more
  2. m just buying a new laptop, and price is the same.

    an asus laptop
    -core i3 350m
    -2gb ddr3 ram
    -ati mobility radeon hd5470
    -500gb hdd

    a toshiba laptop
    -core 2 duo t6600
    -4gb ddr3 sdram
    -ati mobility radeon hd4570
    -320gb hdd
  3. Well you should be looking at the video card that are in those laptops the I3 is a faster processor. If you plan on doing some gameing on the laptop you should see what video cards they come with.
  4. I ask again, what are your intended uses/ what do you expect to be able to do with it?

    For most things, I would recommend the t6600 with the ram. But for all I know, power could be an issue, where the i3 would be better. The i3 is a slightly faster processor also.
  5. I would go with the ASUS laptop and maybe upgrade the ram to 4 gigs yourself it will be the better laptop.
  6. i would like to have it for daily work as typing, photoshop, corel and a little bit of gaming. sorry for my bad english.
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    My advice is as SAAIELLO, take the i3 and upgrade the ram. But if you don't feel comfortable with that, you will benefit more from the additional ram. The t6600 is worse but comes close enough to the i3.
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