Samsung 830: SATA3 for SATA2 and "Notebook Kit"


I'm interested in buying an SSD for my 2008 Lenovo T500 (currently Hitachi 160GB 7200rpm).

I need a reliable SSD and I want to get close to the full SATA2 speed, read AND write, if possible. Storage size is not as important as reliability, so a 128GB will likely suffice.

So, OCZ Vertex2 is gone from what I've read so far (I was interested in that until I found out many devices seem to give up soon). Samsung 830 SATA3 seems to be nice, but since the T500 only has SATA2 I'm currently pondering if that makes sense at all.

"2" Questions:

1. Does it make sense to plug a SATA3 device into a SATA2 machine at all? (The OCZ Vertex2 SSDs are close to full SATA2 speed, but are out because of reliability. Are there any good SATA2 almost-to-the-limit SSDs speedwise so I could save a litte money, e.g. on the Samsung 830?

2. I noticed Samsung offers "Notebook Kit" variants. What does this kit include? Do I need it? Why is there no price difference between the kit and non-kit variant?

Thanks for helping
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  1. Hi Karsten!
    ALL SATA III devices are backward compatible with SATA II ports!

    so you can use it without any problem!

    The drive comes with a laptop installation kit containing a SATA-to-USB adapter cable along with a drive spacer for laptops with traditional 9.5-millimeter drive bays.
  2. Thanks for the answer.

    One remains: does it make sense to put a SATA3 SSD into a SATA2 machine or there practically no difference using a slower SATA2 SSD?

  3. speed will be limited to 3gb/s! but there is no reason to buy old technology!;)

    you can use it for future upgrade!
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