Onboard Network Adapter not detected/bad driver?

I have a custom built system with a ASRock x58 Extreme motherboard. The network adapter is onboard and is from realtek. I am running Windows 7 64-bit. Windows has stopped detecting the hardware or driver several times in the past, but usually if I wait long enough, automatic updates finds it again and I am back in business. I really need to use the internet as I am working from home. Is there any way that I can get the proper driver and have my machine actually detect the network adapter? I have tried the CD that came with the motherboard, but even when I first installed the drivers from the CD the network adapter wasn't detected. I also went to the ASRock website, but I installed the Windows 7 64-bit driver from them and it still doesn't work. Any suggestions.

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  1. I have had a similar issue before and what i figured out if you go into the bios look for PCI PnP try and set it to let the bios configure devices it worked for me.
  2. Under PCI PnP the only options I have are Latency Timer and PCI IDE BusMaster (you can set the time for the latency timer and you can choose either Enable/Disable for the PCI IDE BusMaster) Is that what you are seeing?
  3. No that is different sorry thought maybe you had the same options in bios maybe.
  4. I'd suggest finding the model of the network adapter and doing a search via Realtek - I 've had similar issue with one of their wireless and Vista always finding the wrong driver for it.
    Go to Realtek's site once you have the model # and download the proper driver for it, then install driver manually. That'd be my first suggestion.
    Second suggestion since you have so many problems would be to get a PCI or PCIe card (they're $15) by Netgear or 3COM or similar, disable the onboard LAN, install new one and live happily ever after.
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