Fractal design R4 fans configuration

What will be the right configuration of fans in that case?
I will change all the fans to Noctua NF-P14.
I thing about 2 front and 1 buttom for intake and 2 Top for deflation.
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  1. Front, side and bottom should be intake while top and rear should be exhaust.
  2. Being that the fractal R4 is more geared towards being quiet I'd say start with two front intake and one rear exhaust. If your temps get to hot for your liking and you don't mind sacrificing some sound dampening for lower temperatures then the fourth fan I would put on the top rear as exhaust.

    Good luck.
  3. Thanks. I will put for start 3 noctua NF-P14. 2 front for intake and one rear exhaust and watch the temp and add 1 top if needed.
  4. I'm Curious about the R4 fan configuration myself, and I was wondering if you noticed any temp differences when using an intake on the bottom between the PSU and drive cage.
  5. Slight temperature difference, yes. Mostly in GPU temps while gaming.
  6. I have the R4 non-window.

    - adding a 2nd front intake fan did almost nothing re temperatures.
    - adding a side-fan intake had a great improvement on temperatures.
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