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I have done some research into overclocking, but to be honest, i am still be-wildered, ahhh.

I have just recently bought and setup a new pc, here is the spec,

Lian Li PC A04 with 2 120mm Intake fans and two 120mm exhaust fans.

AMD Phenom IIx4 965 BE

Asus M5A88-M

I tried using the Auto Overclock on the board, and tried the Extreme Function, it took the processor to 3.9ghz, then restarted and said that was stable, but have installed 'Core Temp@ and it showed by CPU temp at 62, so I stopped it, ran the overclock again, and stopped that at 3.7, now the temp is showing 51 at full load with 3.7ghz speed, I am happy with this.

My question is that cpuz is saying that my DRAM Frequecncy is 5.8mhz, well is moves up and down a little, and the NB Frequency is fluctuating around 1980mhz.

So my question is what speed is my RAM actually running at, is it faster or slower than the 1333 stock value, ??

So sorry if these questions appear dumb, I am a new to all this.
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  1. Usually you can see the ram speed in the bios or in the boot sequence if you hit the tab button it should show you the boot up frequencies.
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