Port forwarding on the Belkin N1 Vision (F5D8232-4)

Hi everyone. Ive been trying to set up WOL over the internet and everything is fine except the router. It is a Belkin N1 Vision (F5D8232-4). Is there any way to forward a port to all computers, even those that are off? Ive tried the port forwarding but it says you need an ip adress specific to a computer. Being off, the computer obviously has no ip adress. Thanks for your help in advance.
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  1. Never mind. It seems you have to have an IP address for this to work through this router. However, I have a nice work around and am wondering if anyone here can find any loopholes in it. I have an old cheapy router (I don’t think it even supports networking as there is no way to config it). I am going to attach this router to act as a splitter. It will be directly plugged into my modem, with a connection to my existing router (Belkin). Another connection will be sent directly to another Ethernet port (I have two on my motherboard, an EP45T-UD3P). On this connection I will set up the WOL, but on windows, I will disable the adapter for security precautions. Does this sound feasible to anyone? I’m sure it is I just need a double check to make sure I'm not having delusions of grandeur. Now all I have to do is find another power socket ;). Again, thanks in advance.
  2. OK. Never mind again! The router will in fact support WOL! Just because the computer is off, it doesn’t mean that it has no IP address. If your LAN connection does in fact support WOL, it should still supply power to that port, even if the computer is technically off. I had noticed that with this router (Belkin N1 Vision (F5D8232-4)), the connection diagram on the LCD display would show the desktop connected even though it was off. now, I have not tested this with any other motherboard, only mine (Gigabyte EP45T-UD3P), but it would be logical to assume that this is the case with *most* motherboards as in order to receive a magic packet it would have to be on, and would therefore be connected to the router. I have tested this and found it working 100% with this router. The only thing that needs to be done is to forward the port to the computer using the virtual server option under firewall. The router keeps a list of IP addresses and their corresponding MAC addresses, and unless your router is restarted, or you chose not to lease your IP address forever, this should all work. Kudos to me! And Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Time to open presents! =)
  3. One more quick thing: there could be problems if your IP address is not static, which is the case in most home networks. Also, this was done using the program "WOL Magic Packet Sender". Enjoy!
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