Wndr3300 to wgt624 repeater function


I have a wndr3300 connected to my cable modem at the moment. This works fine for most of my home, but in the most remote room I need to reconfigure furniture and doors to get any connection. We're talking about no more than 25 feet distance. I'm using a WG311T, so there is no possibility of using a USB extension from the client.

Now, I do have a WGT624v4 lying around. Perhaps I could connect this to the cable modem, and relocate my WNDR3300 in repeater mode?

Any ideas? Any FAQs I should read?
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  1. I would never say it absolutely can't be done, but you have to understand something about the technology that underlies wireless bridging, WDS.

    WDS is not a wifi certified protocol, thus implementations vary and compatibility across manufacturers is a constant problem. In fact, it's not unusual to have compatibilities issues w/ the SAME manufacturer across their own product lines. In many cases, only certain models will work other models. There are other little gotchas they often fail to mention as well, or at least not until you try to set it up and run into problems. For example, sometimes WDS will only support WEP. Or it will support WPA2 but not WPA. Or it will only work in one wireless mode (N but not G). At a bare minimum both devices must support WDS. But given all the other caveats, it’s often a royal PITA to deal with. So that’s why I’m always hesitant to say you can or can’t do it. There are just too many hurdles to jump, some you may not be able to jump, others you may not want to jump.

    Here’s one classic example.


    Notice the statement “WNDR3300 only supports WDS on 802.11N mode”. (LOL) Notice too it only shows WEP or None for security options, which probably means only WEP is supported (another example of the vagueness you find w/ this technology).

    Another example (remember, it’s still Netgear).


    As of July 2005, NETGEAR access points supporting WDS are WG302, WAG302, WG602v2, WG602v3 and ME103. WDS is supported between any of them, except the ME103, which can only WDS to another ME103. (The Wi-Fi Alliance do not certify WDS, so there is no guarantee that one model of access point can do WDS to a different model of access point.)

    Technical Support does not provide free help setting up WDS between NETGEAR access points and non-NETGEAR equipment.
    It is not possible to create wireless bridge between NETGEAR wireless routers and NETGEAR wireless access points.

    See what I mean? It’s just goes on and on w/ exception after exception, limitation after limitation. It’ll drive ya nuts. It’s like this ALL THE TIME when it comes to WDS. And that’s using the SAME manufacturer! Imagine the likelihood of success trying to wirelessly bridge w/ WDS between Netgear and some other manufacturer. Ain’t happenin’ unless you’re unbelievably lucky.

    That’s why most of the world has turned to “universal” wireless bridging and dumped WDS. Just far fewer headaches.
  2. Ok, thx;

    I have an alternate plan:
    I can get rid of my WG311T and switch to an N-compatible USB, and use a 5m cable to get it out into the hallway. Not a great solution, but it should improve things.
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