4GB Installed (1.96 GB usable)

Hello, I bought a brand new system yesterday (core i5 + msi h55m MB). I installed Winxp 32 bit, Win 7 32 bit and win 7 64 bit in three partitions as I could see (4GB RAM installed but only 2 GB usable). I am quite sure that the hardware is good. Any suggestion? This problem is driving me nuts!

Thank you.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Run msconfig, boot tab and select advance options. The "max memory" must not be selected.

    Let me know if that is the problem.
  2. +1^ try that
    Also,does it report 2GB in all 3 OS's ?
  3. Also, how much memory does the system report in the BIOS (System Summary or similar area in the BIOS)?
  4. Hello, I tried this already but to no effect. The max memory is not checked. All three OSs report the same 1.96 GB and the BIOS reports 4GB.

    It seems like the remaining GB is "reserved for hardware"
    I called the intel support and say this a common issue (not exactly an issue though) ... and it will have minimal impact on your systems performance .... Does that make sense?
  5. 1- Do u think that is a Minimal impact? I will use an example for explain that minimal impact. Lets say that u buy a car that comes with a V6 engine but after few test u find that the engine only use 4 of the 6 cylinders that you bought after that u come back to the concessionary and u get this answer: "This is a common issue and it will have minimal impact on your car performance". Do u think that the car's engine can run with minimal performance impact with only four cylinders? I don't think so.

    2-The problem should be a hardware problem since even a 64 bit OS can't use the 4GB and the "reserved for hardware" never use more that 1GB
  6. Hi Saint19, this is a new system and the bootup shows 4GB memory ... so I think both the memory cards (2gb) are working fine ... is that a good inference? (sorry i'm not a techie) .... anything else I could try?
  7. Have you run memtest to verify the RAM is good?
  8. RMA the rig, I think that is a problem with the mobo or RAM controller.
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