Need advice: Best graphics card possible for older computer

Hi. I have a a older model computer I received as a gift a couple years ago that I kept cause it was good enough for what I needed at the time. I bought a newer card once before than the one it came with but now I want to get a better one. Basically I am looking to get the best one that it can handle. I would like this to be the last card I buy for this system. I have tried to squeeze as much use out of this off the shelf deal while I save up to build a new setup.

The computer is a Dell Dimension model w/
AMD 64x2 2.4Ghz 4,600+
Nforce 430 chipset
4GB RAM @ 800 Mhz

I have a better power supply I got for it that is made to be compatiable with the model.
(linked this cause PC Power and cooling site doesn't seem to be working right now)

Ones I have been considering:

A couple questions about these cards. I have measured out the inside of the case and the Evga one will fit just barely but do you think it will be limited at all by the motherboard? The second is one of those new cards. I wonder about preformance because they still just have 128 bit interface and 512MB but does the DDR5 make up for that? It would be ashame to get to get a card that doesn't take advantage of the power supply though. Also please feel free to recommend anything else. Thank you.
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  1. The 9800GT is overpriced, for that you can get a 5750 with more performance & DX11.
    Any reason your linking nVidia cards?


    GTS 250:

    They are both around the price of the 9800GT.
  2. That particular 9800GT is overpriced to a level that is silly and the GT 240 is overpriced in general.
    I would be looking at an HD5750;
    Same price as that 9800GT but more powerful and superior in terms of features. It's also quite short so fitting in the case shouldn't be an issue.
  3. I'm going to bump this thread I hope nobody minds.

    Only a couple people answered and the cards that were mentioned definitely won't fit in my computer. It needs to be a single slot pci card. Well it needs to be mounted with a single slot anyway. Here is a picture:

    The pci express slot is at the very top. It has a card in the picture but just try and imagine it without it.

    I know that the Nvidia cards I mentioned before are overpriced but whatt'da gonna do right? However, sense this will be the last card I buy for this system I don't really mind. If it's good I could even keep it cause I'm trying to save up to build a new system and could use it in SLI or as a extra card or w/e.

    One thing I really wanted to know is the 9800GT worth the extra money for the 1GB? I've heard some cards can't use all of the extra memory. Yet some people claim that more helps when you increase the graphics settings and all. So I don't know what to believe. There is a superclocked version of the card that has 512MB but with a little higher speeds and is even cheaper. My main concern really is will my motherboard bottleneck a newer card? It is a Nvidia Nforce 430 as stated before. The Dell model came out several years ago and that is the only motherboard it came with at the time so I'm not sure what cards it can and can't handle now days.

    Edit: Oops, forgot to mention I have a 1680x1050 monitor and would like to play at that resolution.
  4. There are single slot editions of the 5750.

    Here's a cheaper 4850 (performs the same as a 5750 but uses more power/doesn't support dx11)

    Check the pictures in the gallery.
  5. I have a NVIDIA 8800GT video card in my Gateway laptop(P6831 Fx) and my reparer says its heat related. I cant get a telephone # at Gateway to answer, but see in NVDIA that they have this problem, but cant get through to either, besides paying another company to tell me to download the drivers again. I'd like to get a body at Gateway to explain the problem or just send it back since my gurus cant repair it...what to do?


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