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My configuration is
Motherboard : Asus P5KPL AM/PS
Processor : C2D 2.93 Ghz(E7500 i think)
RAM : 1X2GB Transcend (800Mhz)
Video : 1GB XFX 9500GT
HDD : 500GB Sata (WD Green)
SMPS : Frontech 450 Watt

I use a low cost Zebronics Chassis(5 years old "Bobby")

My question is when i power on the system i get an error :
" USB overcurrent status detected
Shutdown in 15secs"
It does not let me into the bios or anything.

But when i plug the same PC at the service center it powers up fine so they can't figure out the problem.
The power cables to the SMPS works fine( I used the power cable that goes to the monitor and plugged it in the SMPS, it showed the same problem. I used the power cable of the SMPS to power up the monitor and it powered up)

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

If need be there to change my motherboard i would like you people to recommend a low cost motherboard and chassis for me(I am a student with not much extra cash :( )

something along the lines of P5KPL AM/PS.
It costs 2500 INR, roughly 50 USD in India
and a chassis around 1200 INR or roughly 24 USD
I prefer Asus and Gigabyte motherboards..
and any well ventilated chassis

Thanking you and hoping i was not too confusing with my questions..
Your friendly neighborhood noob.
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