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Hi all

I am about to purchase parts for my first pc build.

I have decided on an AM3 socket Phenom II 955 with an ATI 5850, 4g of ddr3 and W7 32bit as the os.

after reading through forums i have noticed that several motherboards have had issues with the ati 5850. Therefore i would appreciate any recommendations on a suitable motherboard for the above components. I will just be running a single card and not too fussed about future crossfire potential.

Also, could you reccomend an appropriate PSU.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Did you have a budget for the PSU?? Any quality 450-550w PSU will do for that GPU and parts.
    What mobo do you think has issues??
    Do you have a link to the bad review(s)??
  2. The Phenom II 955 is an excellent CPU that overclocks well. If you stick with motherboards by Gigabyte or ASUS you should be fine with the 5850 graphics card (also an excellent choice).

    However, you should get Windows 7 64 bit if you want to use all of your 4 GB of memory. The 32 bit version will only see about 3 GB maximum. There is no downside to the 64 bit version of Windows in terms of being able to run even 32 bit applications. So, get the 64 bit version unless you already have a copy of the 32 bit version.

    For a single graphics card I would still suggest that you still get at least a 500 W power supply because it will give you added flexibility to add more components in the future (more hard drives, fans, etc.). Some good PSUs are Antec EA500 or EA650, or Corsair 550VX or 650TX. If you want to spend a little more, some of the very best PSUs to consider are the Antec TP550 or TP650, or Corsair 620HX or 650HX. Check around for the best deals when you are about to purchase. Keep in mind that a 600 W PSU will allow you to crossfire two of the newer generation (lower power) graphics cards in the future.
  3. My choices for both are Gigabyte motherboards and Corsair PSU's.

    For a single graphics card, this
    Corsair 550VX (41 amp 12 volt rail)
    will give you plenty of reserve.
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