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My clock speeds are currently 750/900 for the ATI HD radeon 4870x2.
But I am experiencing artifacts. I was thinking to lower them, but should I? Or should I even overclock? I thought those rates were standard.
I ruled out overheat after a couple tests. The temp would go up to 80 and stay stable 79-82 all the time for an hour.
Artifacts were not linked to heat. They disappear for a while when I change back to 2d and right away back to 3D. So I was aiming clock speeds.
Is there something else that can cause artifacts? Additionally, i am not able to access clock speeds through ccc or rivatuner. The tabs are not there for some reason, but they used to. MSI afterburner seem to be working though. Also I disabled the GPU slave, if enabled its blue screen on every windows boot.

-Asus p5q-e motherboard
-Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9650 @ 3.00GHz

Thank you.
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  1. Well i tried to underclock the 3d clock to 2d clock 507/500. Also overclocked to 800/1000, no changes. Seems like the artifacts are caused by something else. And are pretty random atm. I said MSI afterburner worked, yes it worked to change my clock settings. but as soon as i used the on screen display ( like seeing my clock speed on screen while playing games), i get artifacts, pixels change green, or i get a black screen with green lines before i crash.

    Any suggestions?
  2. As an update, I got artifacts while browsing for the first time, but was way more aggressive then ingame. So i guess it has nothing to do with clock after all...Display driver kept failing and recover over and over again. But please let me know if more suggestions. Thanks.
  3. i replaced the card.
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