An aftermarket exhaust fan for nvidia?

I recently got a nice new slim case for my PC which has dropped my CPU and overall system temperature and noise considerably. But because it's slim my nVidia 7950GT basically blocks any airflow thats above it and thus the lower region of my case is warmer (and meaning the GPU's fan is on more).

I was confused whether to put this in the cooling section or graphics as first I was wondering if a PCI cooling solution could solve the problem,
But now i'm looking for an aftermarket fan that can exhaust the 7950's heat out of the spare PCI slot below it (rather than just blowing it into the system only to suck it back in again)

Theres no fanspace at all on the front, and only in the back top half above the graphics. (Slight flaw in design really but would have been fixed if I had a PSU with a fan on the back rather than the side like mine)

Can anyone recommend an aftermarket cooler that blows air out the case?

Many thanks in advance!
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  1. EVGA's site has an accessories section that may or may not have what you're looking for. For a card that old, I wouldn't be surprised if you come out empty-handed though.
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