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Hi wonder can anyone help. My monitor need power DC 12V 4.0A external lead, which I have not got, but I have a AC/DC adaptor output : 12V DC 500mA Can I use this one?
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  1. Generally monitors use that, including my own, and also every PSU out there
  2. ^ Some monitors require 120, or 240 VAC as an input, But some require a AC to DC converter (brick)

    If your monitor Requires a "Brick" Power pack: short answer NO you can not use a power pack rated @ 12V/500 mAmps inplace of one rated at 12V/4Amps. It will not power your monitor and the DC output would be very low - You could damage your monitor. Also the brick will Overheat if left attached for very long.
  3. You are kidding, right? You need 4 amps and you only have 1/2 amp and that assumes that the plugs are compatible.
  4. Thank you for all the answers, I am new to this, and just learn 4.0A = 4000mA Many thanks
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