Can i overclock Core i5 2.93 GHz to 3.02 GHz or more?

Hi i have a Core i5 Windows 7 based PC whose processor has 2.66 GHz and in turbo mode (they say) it goes up to 2.93 Ghz ? Is there any way to make it faster than that somewhere near 3.2 GHz? If yes then please tell me how
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  1. if you have the 2500/2600k chip you can overclock, if you do not, you wont be able to overclock the chip. Non-K processors have a locked multiplier
  2. A number of i5's out there.
    As avenseth12 stated if it is an i5-2xxx (SB CPU) then he is correct on K verse Non-K. The non K can be Slightly OCed by raising the Bclk slightly (ie 100 ->105 MHz). HOWEVER this is Not worth it as you would not see any gain in performance and rasise the possibility of instability.

    Also true for IV

    However the base frequency you quoted is for an i5-750 (2.66 GHz) which can be OCed to 3.2 GHz farily easy.
    Have to run, but if i5-750 see:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=2ab95d013a2a4bef&biw=1236&bih=624
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Overclocking Core Intel i5 Windows 7