Intel new chipset: memory mapping

is there anyone who knows how to find the memory mapping information for intel new chipset(after 965, like G31,G43...)?thanks a lot!
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  1. I am kind of confused as to what you want.. But on the newest intel chipsets P55 X58 its going to be very different.
  2. when we get the address of cpu, if we want to know, what's the exact address of DRAM(like colomn, row and bank, etc.), we have to know the rules about how to translate the cpu address to DRAM address.
    can you help me or have any suggestion?
    thanks a lot!
  3. Why? Are you developing hardware? I can't imagine why a PC user would need that information.

    This forum is for people assembling PCs, not for hardware engineers. Can't you ask Intel for this sort of information?

    BTW: the first two exchanges on this thread were over a year ago.
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