New rig, weird readings on CPU-Z

New rig finally finished and up and running. Last machine I o/c'd was an E8400. I ran cpu-z and confused why my cpu is 1.64Ghz. Im guessing that Im not reading it correctly cause Windows is showing 3.4. The only thing I have done was change the BIOS from normal to Performance.

i5 3570k
GeForce GTX 690
G.Skill sniper series
H100 water cooler

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  1. It's showing 1.6 under load or at idle?
  2. idle, not sure how to verify it under load
  3. huntrik said:
    idle, not sure how to verify it under load

    I'm and AMD guy so I'm not 100% sure on intel stuff, but I would be shocked if intel CPU's didn't down-clock at idle like AMD's do.

    My 1045t is OC to 3.4Ghz and idles at a little over 1Ghz. (So that's what CPU-Z shows when it's not doing much work)'

    Run CPU-Z and then also run something like prime95.

    You will probably see the speed jump to 3.4 (or whatever the max set speed is) and stay there.
  4. We went over this in the other thread, but yes it's SpeedStep (and the C-States), and Prime 95 or the High Performance power profile in Windows will accomplish the same task of being able to see the full speed of the OC..
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