Need your help in upgrading...

hi, i need help in upgrading my pc from core 2 quad to i7...

my pc is

processor: intel core2quad q9450
motherboard: p45 neo ms-7519
4gb ddr2 ram
HDD: seagate 500gb 7200rpm

i started from buying a case (cooler master cm690)

then upgraded my geforce 9600gt to geforce gtx460

i want to buy a new mobo but i dont know if it will work on my current processor and ram..
heres my list in mind...
intel p55-gd65
p7h57d-v evo

what do you think?
i want to buy one of those but i dont want to make mistakes buying it

or just buy a PSU named sf-850p14xe
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  1. If you are planning to shift to a new mobo, then you have to get a new processor as well. Core 2 Duo and X58 mobo's dont mix. Also you processor is fine enough. Keep it till sandy bridge comes out, then decide.
  2. Like he said, a new mobo means a new processor.
    What would you like this upgrade to accomplish? What is not running as well as you would like?
    I also have a Q9450, and no app I use or game I play would benefit in any meaningful way by a CPU upgrade.
    Of course, a new mobo may add features that you want, without relying on an add-in card, or may address reliability concerns. Please let us know what is motivating you to upgrade.
    Incidentally, though an excellent-cooling case, the CM-RC690 is also a loud case.
  3. why do i want to upgrade? hmmm... i dunno maybe i wanna feel new :)
    and i wanna try the SLI gaming but nobody is selling old mobos with SLI here for quad cores...

    or if im not going to upgrade, what do you suggest me to add?
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    I'm not sure what else you might want to add.
    Do you have a second hard drive for backups? A decent printer? UPS? What is your resolution? Your GTX460 can handle [at least] 1920x1080. How about a second monitor? A nice chair? There are lots of things that can be done to improve one's experience in front of a PC.
  5. does SSD works on quad cores? for p45neo ms-7519?
    and also a latest bios, where can i get one?
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  7. Thanks.
    To get best use of a SSD, you should be running Windows 7. Your latest mobo BIOS should be available from the manufacturer's web site.
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