Spare I/O shield - Where to buy?

Hey guys,

I bought an Asus M4A78LT-M LE mobo off someone. He had it installed in his case so he obviously forgot to include the I/O shield. It is now non-existent.

Anyway; I live in Australia and need a replacement shield for the above mentioned motherboard, and the Asus estore only posts to the states.

Anyone know of a website or anyone I could try to get a replacement? It's not an overly common board so I doubt computer shops would carry spare panels...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers all
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  1. Hi , I would try ebay . I have got a few from there for around $13. Make sure you you look at the connections good and if they dont have the model for your board you can check through others as many are the sae if not similar enough to modify slightly. I bought a biostar i\o for an intel board that was an exact match . You can also try intel to see if you can find a match but they are sometimes $20. Good luck.
  2. Cheers bud. I did actually try ebay and found the right one - $20 which is fine, however from the states it will take 2 week to get here. Kind of want to build this computer asap...That will be my last resort.

    I'll try what you suggested and see if I can get a similar one and modify/cover up holes etc.
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