Debout about my New graphic card

Hey guys i bought a new Sapphire hd4650 1gb drr2 from india ...when i install driver and see GRAPHIC INFORMATION than it show Memory Type DRR3............. :o n sorry for my Bad english
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  1. What does GPUz say? If you bought DDR2 and it has the faster DDR3, your better off.
  2. on the Box it say Hd 4650 1GB DRR2 but GPUz say DRR3 and in CPUID hardware Monitor say Radeon Hd 4670 Temp
  3. Sounds like you got a 4670 then. Take it back if you want to make sure you didn't "steal" it. I personally wouldn't worry about it but....
  4. no i didn't steel it but box seal is open at time of purchasing it
  5. I meant steal as in you paid for a 4650, but got a 4670. There are many possible things that could have been going on, not sure I'd worry about it. Your Indian however so you might need to take Karma into account.
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