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Short question: Can anyone please confirm how exactly does the software fan control work in MSI Afterburner and EVGA Precision? Does the program have to be open in order for the user fan profile to activate and remain active?

Situation: I've been using AB for years with a GTX460, GTX560Ti, and now with a GTX670. Actually, when I first got the 670, a few days ago, I opted to try Precision (knowing it's basically the same thing). I've always used a custom user defined fan profile, had it set up correctly, but either I've never actually noticed my problem, or it wasn't happening before with the Fermi chips (and previous drivers). The problem that I noticed yesterday is that the custom fan profile is only active while the program (Afterburner/Precision) is open. Once I close it, the fan profile seems to close also, and the hardware fan profile takes over.

Example: I have Afterburner opened right now, under automatic fan control properties, I have the Enable user.... box checked, the curve is set up at an aggressive curve (min 80% to max 100% speeds - for testing reasons), if I keep Afterburner open, this fan profile is used during benchmarking, gaming, and idle mode (I can hear the fan at 80%). But if I close it down, then clearly this profile is no longer active and it reverts to the hardware profile. I confirmed this with gpu-z also. I just need to know if this normal, I'm doing something wrong, or is something amiss. Thanks.
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  1. With the new Precision X software they have an option to start with Windows box that you can check off to have your profile start when Windows is launched , I have not used it but it would be interesting to see if you checked off that box if when Windows is launched if Precision opens also to have the fan profile active.
  2. @inzone - thanks, and yes, it's checked ("Windows Start Up" - right above the 'default' and 'apply' buttons) . Everything I can possibly do to keep the profile active is being done, but no matter what, the fan profile only kicks in and remains active as long as the program itself is running - the instant I close it down, the fan profile reverts to the hardware default. If I re-open the program, the profile kicks in again. If I also check "Start with Windows" in the general properties, then, of course, the user fan profile activates no problem - but this just means that the whole program loads up and is running as a process.

    Also, I even uninstalled Precision, installed Afterburner, and same situation. That's why I am asking if this is how it has always been, or if it's some sort of limitation, or just some driver issue with the Kepler lineup, or something else...? I doubt I'm the only person out there experiencing this, but curiosity is eating me up.
  3. Ok , I opened my Precision x and then went to Nvidia's driver page and did a scan of ny video cards and then the report said they were running at 772 mhz so I went to precision and increased the gpu to 797 and went back to the Nvidia page and it reported the 797 mhz so I then closed the precision x. I then went and refreshed the web page at Nvidia and did another rescan with precision closed and it reported the cards running at 797 mhz.
    I can't do a fan increse because I have water cooling and there are no fans on the cards.
  4. Thanks inzone for doing that for me. Hmm, interesting. All overclocking numbers are loading and sticking without any issues, with or without Precision/Afterburner being manually opened or being forced to open at Windows starting up (by this, I mean that the programs are not being forced to start with Windows in the properties menu, but, of course, I still check the Windows Start Up in Precision which applies the OC numbers without actually opening the application) - I monitor the numbers with GPU-z, and also through benchmarking I see that my results increase with it, so I know it's being applied - but the fan profile still only applies when and while the program is open and running in process. BUT - now that you mentioned it, under no circumstances does the system information in the nvidia control panel show any OC core clock numbers - at all times, in all conditions, the core clock numbers remains at its default (980), but the memory clock always shows its OC'd actual (gpu-z shows 1740, nvidia shows 6958Mhz). Sooo...

    Over clocking: applies automatically with/without program running
    User fan: only works while program is running
    GPU-z: confirms everything I am saying above
    nvidia control panel: Core clock is always at default, memory clock always shows "correct" OC setting. Thus, GPU-z and nvidia control panel disagree on the core clock frequency.

    This might be of some use:
  5. I notice that your running the beta driver 304.79 is there a reason for that? I like to run the WHQL driver when released since beta drivers are not finished.
    You also are running a Gigabyte video card and using Evga Precision , now if the precision was released by Nvidia it would be different but sinceit's a direct competitor that has released the software I have some doubts that the Gigabyte will be accurate running its competitors software.
  6. My experience and understanding has been that all these tools are 100% compatible with any brand of GPU, so long as they actually support the chip - which they do, in this case. Nearly all sites and people overclocking use Afterburner, or the overhauled Precision X - and these are all essentially watered down (streamlined?) versions of Riva Tuner. As for the beta driver, to be honest I've never had any problems with them, and save for this one single issue, which may or may not be related to the beta driver, I am experiencing no problems whatsoever. I'm starting to think, though, that this particular issue is driver related, which for the time being I can simply work around by selecting the Precision to open (minimized) at Windows start up.

    I really just want to know if this behaviour for the user fan profile is normal or not. Strange how nobody has any feedback - except for you inzone...someone who doesn't even have fans on the gpu hehe, ironic. Thanks for your help so far though!
  7. Well that's the problem since I don't have fans I can only guess at solutions or causes like the beta driver and the interaction of the software with a different manufacturers product.
    I would say that if you create a profile in precision-x for a certian fan control then when it's saved and seledted to be used it should not make a difference that Precision is open or closed.
    So now just to prove me wrong I went and opened Precision and set the monitoring feature to moniyor the clock and memory on the cards and set it to show in the bottom tray. When I clicked ok it showed up in the bottom task bar just like it was supposed to ans when I closed percision it dissapeared but came back when I opened precision back up. So I guess that means that the fan profile is supposed to do the same thing?
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