Will my computer run 64 bit

The Dell Precision 450 is based on dual Xenon processors. What is unclear to me is whether the computer will support a 64 bit OS such as XP Pro 64. I note it is not on the list of Dell supported OS's but would like to check just to be sure.
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  1. Should be fine. Not much point unless you have over 4Gb of RAM though.
  2. Would you happen to have the processor model number?

    And I don't think that system can have more than 4GB of ram, so 64 bit wouldn't really be worth it.
  3. Yes those xeons will run 64bit but you will never find the drivers for your motherboard to run xp64bit. You most likely have to go to vista 64bit or server 2008 to have a 64bit OS.
  4. Thanks for all your help!
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