Antec 900 fans dont fit into gigabyte motherboard ep43-ud3l

The antec 900 fan connectors don't seem to fit into any ports on the gigabyte ep43-ud3l motherboard.
ALSO the power sw, reset sw, and HDD sw wires dont seem to connect any where on the gigabyte motherboard either.
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  1. hi,

    do you mean the 120mm fans? if those are molex connectors they plug into the power supply connectors. which fans are you talkin about?
  2. The case fans use molex connectors. I set mine on LOW and plugged them into the PSU.

    The front panel connectors? RTFM.

    But the year is still young so...
    The front panel connector is described and located on the drawing in Section 1-7 Internal Connectors. It's labeled F_PANEL.

    Other comments about the Antec 900 case: I like them. I have three. Great cooling. Cable management could be better. I modded my cases with extra holes cut into the motherboard tray:
    Antec 900 case mods for cable management:
    It just aggravates me a little that I have to do something like this.

    Neither the Antec case nor the Gigabyte motherboard include a system speaker.
    Where to buy a small motherboard speaker

    If you find a small speaker from an old case, just magnetically stick it to the PSU in some out of the way place.

    While I am thinking about it, look over the checklist at the beginning of this thread:
    It may keep you from making any of the really common noobish mistakes.

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
  3. The 900 case fans are molex and connect to your power supply, not the motherboard.

    The case connectors (power sw, reset sw...) connect to the motherboard to the specific pins in the black box next to the IDE connector [neon yellow connector on MOBO] ( review the picture and read manual... for specific location to plug each in)
  4. Yeah I figured it out thanks guys for all the help xD
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