Any point to overclocking my RAM?

I have windows XP and I have 4 GB of DDR3 400 MHZ that goes over the max amount that can be registered of 3.42 GB. Since I am already over the max amount for my setup is there any point to overclocking my RAM?
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  1. Not much if you are up to messing with the timings then you can try to get a little bit of a boost from that. I'm not sure when the XMP Profile came out but you can see if there is an option for that in the bios. If you have an Asus board then you can do the memory level up which is a nice way to upclock the ram with preset settings.
  2. I have the Asrock board. N68-Vs3 ucc..
  3. So just to be clear there is no point messing with the Dram frequency or the voltage. Is that correct?
  4. In the bios does it have any options for a preset memory upclock or level up?
  5. No, my MB is on the cheap end. I looked for that and could not find it.
  6. Overclocking the ram does not increase the amount of ram but it does increase the speed of the ram. So if you have 400mhz ram you can up the speedby changing the FSB. What do you have for the FSB speed currently and what is your cpu? Also what is you ram model and brand?
  7. I am not 100 percent sure what FSB is but here are all my specs from CPUZ:

    AMD Phenom II Black Edition X4 965 overclocked to 3.6 GHZ at 1.45V

    Brand: Kingston
    Part number 99u5471-012.A00LF
    Type: DDR3
    Size: 4096 MBytes
    Channels: Single
    NB Frequency: Approximately 1600 MHz (fluctuates a little in CPUZ)
    DRam Frequency: Approximately 400 MHZ (fluctuates a little in CPUZ)
    FSB: DRAM 1:2

    Timings: 6-6-6-15


    DRAM voltage 1.59
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    The timings are nice and low (lower is better) The speed is 1600mhz and the frequency is 1066mhz so with these specifications you are in good shape and since you have a low end MB you may not get much of an overclock if any and with a small overclock it really wouldn't be worth the trouble because the gain is not enough to make a sizable performance increase.
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  10. Thanks man
  11. Your welcome.
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