Missing bootmgr

missing boot manager during boot p and unable to boot visat dvd
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  1. This is actually an easy fix if its not a hardware issue. What you have to do is put in your windows installation disc, go through the basic setup until you get to the screen where you can click repair. Then click command prompt. once you have it open type in the following.

    "Bootrec /Rebuildbcd"

    Then press enter. Once its done restart the the restore process again. If it fails,try to use some on-board diagnostic to see if the HDD is failing, because in my experience, I got his on a gateway FX, and I needed to replace the HDD.
  2. Error when the motherboard can't find a source to boot windows from, check to make sure the hard drive with windows installed on it is the primary drive.
  3. your windows visa install disc should have a repair windows option, if you put the disc in and go through the options, there should be a repair windows option, this should fix the problem iteself.

    Ive just recently done this although it was with windows 7.
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