Corsair H60 using stock Antec DF-85 120mm fan?

Hello, I just bought the Corsair H60 but don't want to use the stock Corsair Fan as it does not match the other 120mm/140mm Red LED fans in my case.

Can I use the stock 120mm fan with the Corsair H60? Its RPM is 200 less than the Corsair one advertises, but is it enough for the Corsair H60 to still function properly?
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  1. Really it depends upon the static pressure the fan delivers. The fan chosen by Corsair is (or at least, should be) optimized for that rad. You may want to do a push/pull configuration (if possible) just to ensure adequate airflow through the rad.
  2. Your Corsair radiator depends on the fan pulling air through it to cool the liquid inside , if you want to use a fan that's 200rpms less then te one that came with H60 then your taking a chance that it won't be enough to cool the liquid and keep the heat down on the cpu.
    Keeping the heat down on your cpu is more important than color matching fans. If the color matching is important to you then you should get a fan that matches the rpm and the color.
    You can try it if you want to but you should monitor the temps on the cpu so as to not let them get too high.
  3. Red led"s should fix that u know ;)
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