I/O Panel preventing motherboard installation.

This is my first time building a pc so it's quite possible I'm doing something wrong. However, I have the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro motherboard with an Antec 200 case.

My problem is when the rear I/O panel is installed, I can't get the motherboard to line up properly with the standoffs, I need to push it more to the left but the I/O panel is preventing it from moving any further. I took the panel out and layed the motherboard in with no i/o panel and it fits perfectly with the standoffs. What should I do about this?
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  1. You are using the I/O panel included with the motherboard, not the one that came in the case, correct?

    If so, it often just takes a bit of work to get it in. Try putting in the motherboard I/O panel first, push it into the backplate with a bit of pressure, and then level it out. Should all line up.
  2. I am using the motherboard I/O and I installed it first, with as much pressure as it would take, so I assume it's in all the way, but the padding on the back of it is preventing my from lining up the motherboard with the standoffs.
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