Thoughts on the Linksys WAG120N? (modem/router combo)

Whats your thoughts on this router/modem? Would be buying it for around 140NZD (90USD)
Is there anything better you could recommend in this price range?

Current networks exists of a dlink di524 and a dynalink rta1320 modem [...] er-rta1320
Both are a good 3 and a bit years old now, and this modem gets very hot when in use... sometimes have to have a fan over it to keep it cool... and just recently its been messing up a lot

Any advice would be nice
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  1. Most routers dont have a large lifespan, I've gone through 2 in the last 5 years so I'd recommend changing alright. That linksys one looks nice, and its a cisco (very reliable, I've bought a few network switches for work off them and they're still ticking after 6 years, although they were over e1000). I dont know of any others for that price that provide ADSL2 and Wireless N and look as good. You should be able to get it a bit cheaper though. There is one for sale here for 55euro about 106 NZD.
  2. Used the national price spy type thing, and cheapest was 130ish, the 140 comes from the store ill be buying it from.
    theres that, is on special for 80$ at the same store, wasnt there at time, parents found it... any idea on reliability of smc products?
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