Windows Repair after Motherboard Installation

Hello everyone. My old motherboard died, and will be replacing it with a different model. However, the old drivers are still installed on the (currently) dead computer.

I was wondering if I could use windows repair instead of reinstalling the whole OS and losing all my files (Vista 64-bit), and then install the new drivers for the motherbaord. Would the new drivers overwrite the old oens, or will I have to manually remove them soemhow? (Sorry, I'm still learning :P)

Thank you for your time.

The old motherboard was a GA-EX58-UD4P and the one replacing it is a GA-X58A-UD5.
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  1. i would like to know this as well since i replaced my motherboard today
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    it really all depends. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I would strongly suggest if/when you have to do this to be sure to have written down your OS' verification code (or have the discs) just in case. The other thing that can usually help a lot is to use the same brand of motherboard, and brand of chipsets... i.e. if your old one was an asus, get a new asus... gigabyte, etc etc etc.
    If you're just doing a repair type replacement with the same exact type of mobo, you really shouldn't have much of an issue unless the bios isn't the same, or even close.

    Taking a harddrive out of an amd computer and putting it in an intel mobo/cpu or vice versa usually requires a completely new install. The OS won't recognize the chipset signatures and will require a new install... that's when you must have the code.

    sometimes you can find your personal saved info after doing a repair, but things won't run right and you'll have to reinstall the OS and anything like games... adobe, big programs. A lot of the time you can still get the adobe files, certain character game info (data only) files, pictures... things of that nature... then doing a reinstall of what's needed.

    Best of luck to both of you!
  3. Thank you Josh!
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  5. You can do it without a re-install see the link below, usual warnings about backing up data before you proceed apply here.

    Regards Jim.
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