Crucial vs OCZ SSD $100

i will be building a new gaming PC soon and was wondering if i should get an ssd since hdds are soooooo expensive. was looking into around a $100 ssd, and found these two.

just want to know which one of these would be the better price/performance ratio.

also here is the link to my other thread showing other components i will probably be purchasing
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  1. The crucial slightly bigger and faster
  2. The Crucial M4 has been highly recommended around many forums.
  3. I have both, 2 x 120 gig agility IIIs and 2 x 120 gig M4s. Will be Replacing my agility IIIs soon with either the M4 or the Samsung 830s. Will probably just use the agility III as a storage drive, or more likely - stich them into a usb3 encluser and use like an oversized thumb drive.

    Get the M4!!!!!

    NOTE Benchmark. Ignore Sequencial. Also most advertized benchmarks are for data that is readily compressable, not close to real life. While using compressed data is also not real life, it is MUCH closer.
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