UPDATE:(Black screen problem)

Hi all, I've just finished putting together my computer, the parts of which I ordered individually.
FYI, I'm trying to boot it on an SSD.

Here's what Ive done and what the problem is.
I inserted my WinXP Pro disk, Started the boot in IDE instead of ACHI since I was getting the BSOD at the "Starting up Windows" checkpoint. Now I've come to another stand still and have not been able to find a fix for it. At the checkpoint where it asks to press Enter for Windows Setup, R to repair windows, and F3 to quit setup w/o installing. I press Enter and nothing happens. It freezes so to speak.

This is not a one off, Ive restarted it and the same thing has happened.

EDIT: I saw on one post about a somewhat similar problem that it may be cable issues, any confirmation that this may be true.

EDIT #2: (READ) I have gotten past the Setup Windows screen, but in the next screen it only shows me one of my 2 1Tb HDD's as an option to partition and install windows, instead of my 120Gb SDD that I want to load windows onto.

Above Problem Fixed^^ Read down for Updated problem.
Any help appreciated.

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  1. I think the answer is in BIOS, find your SSD in BIOS and ensure it is set to NTFS and not FAT32 format. If that is not the issue, recheck your cables to ensure all are plugged in securely. If neither are the issue, consult your motherboard manual to see if there is a perferred connector for boot drive (although that doesn't explain only showing one drive I don't think)
    Good luck
  2. Thanks, that part worked, I installed Win XP and started to install the Mobo drivers for LAN etc, then the computer froze so I restarted it but after the Sabertooth splash screen, the monitor went black, and thats it. I can't load up windows any more, nor can I load any Boot drive. CD or storage. I can still get into BIOS though.
  3. I'm thinking one of the drivers is corrupted (or just incompatible with XP/hardware for some reason) - what was the last driver you installed? Don't load that one again from whatever source you used. I would do a fresh reinstall and install drivers from internet (hard to do without lan connection) but, use a jump drive or burn a CD from from your current computer to load into the new one. Hopefully that'll work. If you can load your LAN driver successfully, update that driver then do the rest of your hardware loading from the internet.
    Hope it helps
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