E5200 Safe Overclocking Temps ?

Ive overclocked my E5200 to 2.8ghz and i am wondering if the temps are to high

When idle Core 0 is 47 Degrees Celsius and Core 1 is 48 Degrees Celsius

When under load Core 0 is 59 Degrees Celsius and Core 1 is 63 Degrees Celsius

Are these temps safe ?

PS I also ran Prime Test 95 for 1 hour and 30 minutes and the maximum temp was 67 celcius

I run on stock cooler
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  1. Those temperatures should be fine, when it starts getting above 70*C then you should start worrying. (for Phenoms the max is 65*C) your idle temperatures seem really high.

    Are you using 3rd party cooling or stock cooling? I don't recommend Over Clocking with out 3rd party cooling/aftermarket cooling.

    The Tcase temperature (the temperature of the surface of the CPU not the cores) is 74.1*C for that specific CPU.
  2. Rule of thumb try to keep it under 70c and you won't have any problems.
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