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Planning my new build with the GA-X58A-UD3R I see no memory corresponding to the Gigabyte listing of Qualified Vendors (module P/N) on sale at my local Micro Center computer store (Yonkers, NY). The DDR3 memory offered there is mainly, if not all, DDR3 1600 (which is OK I guess) but non seem to match the part numbers on the Gigabyte list. What to do?

P.S. If anybody wants to look:

P.P.S. I want buy most of my parts there as they have a very reasonable basic assembly price. (A friend had them put together most of his computer and it worked out very nicely,)
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  1. I would recommend these set from your Microcenter... Corsair XMS 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800) RAM

    It will work fine with your motherboard.
  2. D/L the supported memory PDF {note: this list is for the GA-X58A-UD3R (rev 2)} -

    {if you have GA-X58A-UD3R (rev 1)} The list is different -

    The smartest choice is using supported XMP DDR3 from the list; I like Corsair as well, but not you'd have to manually set. Newegg is a very good place to purchase online. Therefore, not knowing which revision MOBO you have I cannot give you more than a generic answer. Also, what OC are you looking for? ~ to determine the best DDR3 speeds.

    example 3x2GB Triple channel (for rev 2)
    1600 ~ Kingston HyperX 6GB (3 x 2GB)
  3. Newegg is not an option for me now as I wish to purchase locally. Micro Center will usually match Newegg prices -- they have the Rev. 2 version in stock now. I don't quite understand how to use this XMP stuff and don't really want to deal with manual settings if I don't need to. Don't need to overclock (don't play games that need speed) but I do expect to install 12 gigs of memory. (A couple virtual operating systems perhaps and enough ram to not need a scratch drive for Photoshop or even a ram drive.)

    Last time I built a computer I just got some Crucial memory and off I went <g>.

    Am also a bit overwhelmed by the need (as I read bilbat's memory articles) to reset memory specs when installing something like 12 gigs.

    Just want to buy the right memory, put it in, and have it work.

    Have I been reading stuff that I really don't have to worry about?
  4. Pretty much no matter what you put in, to use twelve gig, you will have to 'hand tweak'. Whether you use XMP, or rely on the standard entries in the SPD, they are set up for one DIMM per channel, and will seldom, if ever, work for two...

    Fear not - I can walk you through it - it's really not that big of a deal!
  5. Then I would purchase a "Matching DDR3 Kit" from your local store - can they Order you memory?

    Typically, and by default your DDR3 will run @ 1066 w/o tweaking the BIOS, XMP properly sets all of the timings 100% correct, and yes you would still need to OC the Memory Multiplier from 8 (1066) -> 10 (1333) -> 12 (1600) but that is it.

    IF you configure your memory manually then don't be "spooked" about your MOBO lighting up like a Xmas Tree. USE ONLY THE DDR3 settings per their MANUAL!

    While I appreciate "posts" of DDR3 settings unless they are for your memory don't use them. Set as the manual indicates only.
  6. I'm a little confused (as usual) between your suggestion and bilbat's.

    Please correct me if I don't have this right:

    If I have installed the Corsair XMS 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800) RAM suggested above (x2 for 12 gigs) and don't do anything else (or select XMP in the bios?) my computer will run @ 1066 (by default) which will be OK with me until I get everything installed and working (Win 7 pro etc.) and have the time and courage to play with the bios. Yes?

    By the way thanks to you all for this very helpful dialog.
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    More than likely running in BIOS XMP will result in BSOD or Post failure. {works on limited XMP supported DDR3 only}

    Yes, by default the memory is 8 {memory multiplier} X 133.333 {bclk} or 1066 and your rig will run fine. The "fine" tuning is for gaming ~ gain a few FPS (2-3) or large tasks {shaves 2-3% time off}. Your DDR3 will simply be under-clocked from its rated speed which is perfectly okay.

    99.9% of people won't notice the differences ~ bechmarks... You DO want all of the DDR3 to be the same Part Number ; matched sets of 3 (Tri-Channel) or 6 (hexa-Channel) to work properly.

    BTW - I generally suggest most people make little to no changes to their BIOS unless they know what they're doing. In general, Load Optimized + {optional [AHCI] ~ Integrated Peripherals vs [IDE]}. Even experienced people mis-configure the BIOS on occasion. Example eXtreme enabled + RAID [XHD] ~ then argue about it.

    Question, what CPU fan are you using? {if you are using something like an H50 then you need to set the CPU Fan to Always-on in the BIOS}
  8. "H50 fan" that's for a water cooling thingee? I was planning something more modest: the COOLER MASTER, Hyper 212 Plus .

    I understand "Load Optimized + {optional [AHCI]" more or less. AHCI will allow me to remove plugin hard drives safely, yes?

    "~ Integrated Peripherals vs [IDE]}". Not sure what this means.

    "eXtreme enabled + RAID [XHD] ~" where I would fear to tread <g>.
  9. Yes, the H50 has its "pump" intergrated into its CPU block and when connected to the MOBO's CPU fan it needs to be running 100% at all times, by Default BIOS it's not...percation is why I mentioned it.

    Yes, the AHCI allows you to Hot-swap and I recommend it. There are several occurrences of [IDE] that you should change to AHCI in the BIOS ; refer to pages 53-54 ; note: 1. ICH SATA Control Mode ~ change ~ [AHCI], 2. eSATA Ctrl Mode ~ change ~ [AHCI], 3. GSATA 6_7/IDE Ctrl Mode ~ change ~ [AHCI], 4. GSATA 8_9/IDE ~ change ~ [AHCI].

    Refer to -

    Ignore the [RAID] references.
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