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i enjoy playing on line with my friends,but must admit to knowing little about the inside of a computer,recently my friends have gone onto battlefield 2 and my computer wont play it.i have a compaq presario amd 64 3700+ windows xp and a nvidia 7600 question is can i upgrade to a dual core using this computer bearing in mind the whole family use it and i wouldnt want to lose any pics music etc or is it time for a new pc
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  1. Without knowing what motherboard you have it's impossible to know if you can upgrade. But given that your CPU is certainly a Socket 939 chip, it's unlikely that you'll find a decently priced drop-in replacement except perhaps on eBay. You'd be better off buying a new motherboard and CPU. This will certainly require re-installation of Windows, although you wouldn't lose any pics or music as long as you back it up.
  2. Without your model number of your compaq its hard to tell what would work for sure but you might be able to go with either An ATHLON 64 x2 6000+ windsor 3.0ghz this would be the best processor that would fit but again til you tell us the mosel number for it thats only a guess also you will need a better video card and for that i suggest atleast a Nvidia 9800GT or a ATI HD 5670 either card would be a pretty balenced card for your processor.

    So post back with your model number.
  3. if want to use high end game then its time to upgrade your PC ..why your afraid of loosing data, just get new pc & hook you old hard drive to it.. it done..
  4. Or just get a new computer to game with, and leave that one with all the family's stuff on it alone. That way you don't into trouble for losing everything :)
  5. manojgj said:
    if want to use high end game then its time to upgrade your PC

    He's only looking at playing Battlefield 2. ;) It's by no means a demanding game (any more), but it is definitely still a RAM hog.
  6. thanks for all replys model is sr 1639,windows was already installed and there was no re install disk, if i keep this computer could i just get a copy of windows 7,and if i were to get a comp just for gaming would i be ok with a fast dual core or should i think about quad core, i would be on a budget of about 500 pounds max .battlefield 2 company of heroes cod need for speed are the main games we play but obviously i would imagine that games in the near future will be aimed at using the new multi cores so has the dual core got much life left?
  7. sorry when i said keep this computer i meant if i upgraded it could i add windows 7
  8. Any info i could find points to Dual core will just not work on that motherboard looks like if you want to upgrade you are gonna have to start fresh sorry.
  9. A new video card and a dual core CPU would be a better investment than a quad core CPU and the same video card.
  10. Check this combo out for € 379 you get motherboard phenom II x4 and 4 gigs of DDR3 ram.

    And add this hd5770 you have a great system €112
  11. His computer is actually probably socket 754, there are no dual cores for that socket.

    My personal cpu recomendation on a budget would be an Athlon II X3. Of course this is assuming you get a new computer since as already mentioned, it isn't compatible with your current computer.
  12. many thanks, ive got a few things to think about now,hopefully ill be back shooting my friends soon lol see ya
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