Great upgrade for emachine, dell, gateway mcp61pm-am AM2 mobo

This motherboard is very common in dell, gateway, emachine computers from 2004-2005 or so. It had a 3800+ amd single core at 2.4 ghz. Thought I'd give an update. Over the course of a few years I upgraded to 3.0 gigs of 800mhz speed ram. a radeon HD 5770 graphics card was the recent upgrade, and with that cpu I benchmarked the game ffxiv (probably the most cpu and graphically intense game out there). The 3800 with that graphics came in around 1200 or so, and in beta it was very herky/jerky. I needed a CHEAP upgrade cuz on my wife's computer I knew I'm going to have to upgrade the mobo and cpu, along with the power supply. Graphics will do just fine with an 8800 gt.

For seventy dollars I was able to get a 3.0 ghz dual core (athlon 64 x2 6000+), and bought a 21 dollar silenx ixtrema heatsink and fan.

There was absolutely no issue with the chip install, or heatsink/fan. 100% plug and play with vista 32bit. The heatsink comes ready set go with am2 motherboard clips (also has install guide and brackets for up to i7 cpu's).

For under 100 dollars I was able to plug and play install this setup with absolutely no issue. No unlocking the 2nd core, no problems whatsoever. The game now benchmarks in at 2400 and is playable in beta with no issue at all.

A great product!!!!!!

I would also like to plug to you all. He's very inexpensive and can always make deals for you. Great NEW gear at wholesale prices. He's got a lot of "new old stock" like this chip. It's not easy to find someone you can trust when it comes to online sales that aren't major chains.

Newegg and tigerdirect don't carry this chip anymore, and i searched craigslist for over 2 weeks to no avail. Ebay has a bunch and that's how I found chicagocomputershippers.

For anyone looking to do a very inexpensive upgrade to an older computer and still have a great system, this is highly my reccomendation!
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