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Hi all. I'm looking for tips to getting 1gigabit speeds on a machine that just will not lock at 1GB. It only displays 100mb, Seems like it jumps to 1gb and then settels down at the 100.

For some background. I have a dozen 100 and 1gb machines tied to a Cisco 10/100/1000 switch. Some of the machines are seeing the 1gb speed if they in fact have a 1 gb card. Others are 100mb machines. On a newer machine (intel dp45sg) with xp pro I can't seem to keep the 1 gb speed. I've tried home made 5e and purchased 5 / 5e cables with no luck (all are 5 or 5e cables). The cable is only 25 ft for the home made of 50 for the purchased. What can I do to get my speed up.

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  1. Port issue?

    You can also always turn off auto-negotiation on the card.
  2. I'm not sure this card ( part of the mother board) an Intel 82567LF-2 with the "latest" pro driver has an option to do this or I need to be pointed in the correct direction. I only have the following: auto detect, 10 half/ 10 full/ 100 half / 100 full and auto 1000. Can you over ride it some where else?
  3. Auto 1000 didn't work?
  4. My integrated Intel NIC will connect at 1000 then drop down to 100 during low usage. It will jump back up to 1000 if the 100 gets saturated.

    Just throwing this out there
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