Is 64GB SSD enough?

So I'm planning my next build and I am considering getting an SSD as my boot drive and a higher capacity HD for storage. I was wondering if 64GB would be enough for Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and 2-3 frequently played games. I would like to put World of Warcraft on the SSD since it's a game with a LOT of loading screens and I know it currently takes up about 25GB of storage. Should I go with a larger capacity SSD? If so what would be the optimal size at a good price point? I'm not sure what my exact budget will be for SSD/HD. Probably around 250 (maximum).

Any ideas on when HD prices may come back down? I may not be making this purchase for up to a month or so. So I'm hoping they'll come back down a bit by then so that I can get a larger SSD.
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  1. Its perfectly large enough.

    Just get a reliable SATA3 (6Gbps) drive of a decent read/write(+/-500Mbps) speed and you are set.
  2. Keep in mind the size of drive you get scales with the read write performance you get, roughly. into 128 gig and above and you start to see 500mb +r/w.
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    after installing windows and all the programs i use, on 64Gb ssd i now have 25GB left free but that's after removing Hibernation file (16gb) plus Paging file 16gb
    if you don't tweak it by moving files around, you would need `128gb at least.
    There is guide on internet thou if you fallow it you should have about 30gb left after all installed.
  4. I think I may just go with a 128GB cause I don't think I want to mess around with moving/deleting OS files. Thanks.
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