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Hello, i run a 2.4ghz P4 computer, currently with a AGP 4X nvidia 7600gt super clocked edition, i play alot of games and my frame rates are fairly low ( yes i know my pc sucks) but i am wondering if there is a better video card on the market for agp 4x, i was looking at the radeon HD 3650, could someone help me please?
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  1. time for a new build.....
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    The HD3650 isn't better than your current card. The HD3850 would be but it's probably not worth it. I'd just save the money and put it towards a new system. $400-500 can build you new system that will be worlds faster for gaming, and everything else too.
  3. Save up about 400$ and you can play with a decent system.
  4. okay, thank you very much :D
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