Overclocking failed ASUS p6x58d-e i7 930

I have an Asus mother board with an i7 930 OC'ed. I have had with the same settings, parts and specs for about 2 years. Just today, which was very hot here in SoCal, I encountered an "Overclocking failed" error after I had left the PC on. Shut down the computer and restarted, checked settings, temps and everything is OK and no more error. Any ideas what might have happened or should I not worry about it since it only occurred once?
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    It could be a one time occurance and not somethiong to worry sbout. If it happens again then you that would be something to be concerned with. What you can do is reload the same bios file and that would make sure that the bios didn't get corrupted , you could upgrade the bios also if you wanted to.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I will keep an eye on it
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