Does anyone know if the nvidia NV996 is a 3.3v card ?

My mother board says on it not to use a 3.3v card or damage will occur. It is the AGP slot. I have a vision tek NV996 Card I want to put in it. I just changed my mobo and i need the card to plug my moniter into the mobo there is no other spot for it on the new mobo.
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  1. by the way I think it's a 64mb card (riva TNT2 64)
  2. The mobo says AGP 8x. Does this mean I need to get a AGP8x video card? Does this mean my card is.8V? From what i am reading will the wrong voltage card even fit into the wrong slot? Am I asking dumb questions? I will keep reading and searching.
  3. I am a novice too, but am guessing you have to use a AGP8x video card. Could you post the mobo make and model?
  4. ASRock K8upgrade AGp8X SATA ATA 133 USB2.0
  5. Definitely has t to be an AGP 8X video card and it does not have a PCI Express slot!

    Faster data transfer rates:

    PCI-E > AGP > PCI

    some links for an AGP card for your motherboard:

    I prefer XFX because they have lifetime limited warranty compared to others that have 2 or 3 years. I have a PIC-E XFX card which is treating me well and hope to stay like that. Please don't forget to check the Power Supply requirements for whichever card you are planning to buy.

    Good Luck
  6. Is there any way to get my monitor working so I can see if my mobo combo will even work before i spend more money on this old computer. I don't use It for gaming but need to go on the internet. mostly for informational purposes
  7. If I can get it working i will try to do more with other things.
  8. It seems like the mobo does not have a integrated graphics card, you have to have a dedicated graphics card. The most economical card that I found was on eBay May be there are other places too, but for now, if you want to keep the other computer alive, you have to have a dedicated graphics card like this.
  9. Thanks amateuruser. great advice!
  10. Just was looking at my mobo specs. It does say AGP8X/4X slot, 1.5v So could my old card be 1.5v? It does have the tab ( I think it's called a recognition tab) at the back. Guess I just haven't given up on my frugality.
  11. I have searched and searched but could not find the specifications of this card. If it says 1.5v, you may not be able to use any card is 3v. Some motherboards say it one there, but not sure about this particular video card though. Sorry I could be of not more help!
  12. Was doing some reading about the voltage signals. The tabs on the bottom of the card are how you tell what the voltage signals. If the card was a 3.3v it would not fit into the slot. If the slot was 3.3 a 1.5 would not fit. Two different sites suggested this fact. I also searched alot of sites to find the voltage signal of that card. Finally I figured out it can recieve 3.3v or 1.5v. The site said that the slots are made so the wrong card can not fit into the wrong slot. so I took a chance and fired it up. Every thing looked good in BOIS so I ended up just formatting the hard drive and reinstalling windows 98. Everything is working good. The new mobo worked. My first build. Maybe I'll add a few things since this worked. Thanks everyone for the help.
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