What card will work with my 8800 GT on windows 7?

I have a BFG 8800 gt. I would like to add a third or fourth monitor, but my motherboard only has one PCI-E slot which is already taken. I want to pick up a PCI card so I can run three or four monitor, but I've read that windows 7 has some issues with running multiple video cards when they are different cards or use different drivers. Does anyone know what PCI card I can pick up that will allow me run 3 or 4 monitors without any issues?

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  1. pick up a pci standard Nvidia video card. EvGa makes a 9400gt with 1GB ddr2 with dual outs. DVI and VGA. here is the link. Stay with a Nvidia card that is close to the series you have so that Aero is supported fully in Win 7.
  2. Love to see the link to the PCI version of that...
  3. Quote:
    HD 5850

    You need to start by reading before replaying!
  4. I don't think an ATI PCI card would mix well on windows 7 with my Nvidia 8800 GT. Any other PCI Nvidia sugestions that will run with my 8800 GT. Please note I don't game with my PC and I would like to keep it on the inexpensive side.
  5. Look for the cheapest 8400gs
  6. Also, Windows 7 supports multiple video card drivers, I am currently running a 4870 1GB with an 8800GT for PhysX in Batman.
  7. Nice, so 7 does not suffer from the issues with Vista and multiple video card drivers?
  8. Correct, they resolved whatever had broken this in Vista.
  9. w7 is amazin......itll be fine
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