New videocard, but no display

I put in this card

with this tv

But when i hook up the TV to the new videocard i get no signal, so i hooked it back up to my motherboardgraphics and began to install the driver like i was instructed, it deleted my old video drivers and told me that it would then restart in order to finish the install for the videocards drivers.
When it restarted i recieved no signal on either output.

Any idea what to dooo? because i cant get any display.
(i'm on a different computer atm)
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  1. Have you set the TV using the OSM (on screen menu) to take the signal from the correct input ?
  2. yes, and i found that by using a monitor that supported the lower settings of the bios functionality i could reach it.
    In my bios i disabled the iGPU and set it so that it would run the detected card ( as was made clear by my device manager ) but now i cant get any display on either monitor, whether i use the integrated hdmi or the videocards hdmi.
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