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I've been using my hp g6 series laptop and i had a question about how much my laptop can actually take in temperature maximums. I was thinking about overclocking so i want to know a safe temperature my laptop can be at and what is the max temperature it can run at. Everything that I've looked at says like 80 degrees Celsius but those posts were from about 1 year ago. I just purchased this laptop 1 month ago specs below.

HP g6-2123
-AMD A6-4400m 2nd Gen APU 3.0ghz
-AMD Radeon HD 7520G Discrete-Class graphics and up to 2036MB total graphics memory
-Total RAM: 8.0gb
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    your Laptop still fine, amost of Laptop can operate at 100C, I would recommend trying to keep it as cool as possible by not running many CPU intensive programs also add cooling Pad
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