SSD volume shrunk?

I've been screwing around all day trying to fix intermittent boot issues w/ a pair of Corsair Force 3 120GB SSDs. One disk is the boot disk, and the other stores game files.

I've been goofing around w/ converting the boot disk to dynamic, and "mirrored" it to a standard HDD, which I am currently running off of.

I've gone through various formats, deleted partition, converting from basic to dynamic, and now one of the SSDs is showing a reduced capacity...(from 111.79 to 111.67)

How can I fix this?
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  1. Unpartition your disks and use basic disks, there is no reason for you to use dynamic disks for your purposes that I can think of.

    Of course your boot disk will have 100mb "missing" due to the SRP (system reserve partition).
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