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Hi this is going to be my first gaming build, looking for opinions if its a good build/ how long will it last. i plan on playing whatever new games will be released at 1920x1080 resolution. ill be making my pc around feb. 1 budget around 1200-1300 with gpu.

Motherboard/cpu combo
Price: $329.99

Cpu cooler
Price: $77.89

case/psu combo
Price: $179.97

Price: $93.99

Hard drive
Price: $74.99

cd/dvd burner
Price: 35.97$
os windows 7 oem 64bit $104

total cost with shipping/tax is $989.30 i plan on buying a nvidia card when they get released will this be a good computer that will last atleast 2-3 years? also i do plan on getting another nvidia card whenever its needed for sli mode.
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  1. ^ SLI chipsets for AMD are not as good as AMD with Crossfire...
    You can look into buying the Intel i5 CPUs...the mobos supports both Crossfire and SLI...

    Yes it will be a good PC for 2-3 years(again it would depend on your requirements) with a good GPU...
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    Ditch the WD HDD. The newer Samsung Spinpoint F3s (500 GB for $55 or 1 TB for $85) are cheaper (for the size) and a lot faster.

    I personally think you'd be better off going with an ATI card, as it appears the new Fermis are going to run really hot, thus SLI is going to be a problem.

    I also like the other HAF 922/PSU combo. It's cheaper, and the OCZ unit is high quality. It'll be $60 cheaper after rebates.
  3. thanks for the info the samsung HDD does look nice, and ill switch to the first i5-750 combo as it gives me better options if fermi isnt great like the 5850. I might end up going with a different case with a corsair tx 750. but the haf combo for $99 after MIR looks like a good deal, i just wasnt sure how reliable the psu would be at the price its going for. is there anything i can do for dust filters with the haf 922? im not sure how big of a problem dust can be, but i do get a lot of dust in my current pc. the NZXT M59-001BK M59 Gaming Mid Tower Case has some nice features on it and im not sure which one to get any info on that?
  4. OCZ makes very reliable PSUs. Typically, Corsair, Antec Earthwatts and OCZ are the brands I stick to for PSUs.

    There are dust filters available. I can't tell you how much they cost.
  5. @Cfan here at TOMs, they used that M59 case for the SBM $1300 build and it turned out to be a very good case...So no issues going with that case...,2503.html
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